6 Reasons to pursue a Career as Medical Lab Technician

Have you ever thought of pursuing a career as a Medical Lab Technician, more commonly known as an MLT? If not, read this article to know more about MLTs.

Who exactly are Medical Lab Technicians (MLT) ?

Medical laboratory technicians help physicians and doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS, etc by performing tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids. Medical lab technicians usually work in hospitals, clinics, pathology labs and offices of doctors.
Along with such a wonderful job description there are 6 benefits of pursuing a career as a Medical Lab Technician. Read on to know more:

  • Multiple Work Opportunities

    Once you get a degree in Lab Tech Sciences, you expose yourself to a vast ocean of opportunities. A MLT can work in Hospitals, Pathology Labs, Diagnostic Labs, Blood and Organ Banks, Research Facilities, Medical Equipment Sales Companies and many more such fields.
  • Scope For Future Specialization

Once a person becomes a MLT, it doesn’t stop for him/her there itself. They can further specialise in specific various fields to open up many opportunities for them on the professional front. Some of the fields to specialise in are:
a) Microbiology
b) Blood Banking
c) Immunology
d) Clinical Chemistry
e) Molecular Biology

  • Growing Need in the IndustryWith the onset of multiple and complicated diseases growing in the world, there is a constant need of trained paramedics like MLT. All over the world, trained technicians are needed throughout the industry.The industry is growing almost at a rate of 18% annually. There is an annual demand of almost 35 Lakh trained personnels. 
  • Handsome Salary PackageAs stated before, with the increasing demand of skilled professionals in the medical industry, the salary package available to moderately skilled people is also pretty decent. Once a person gets his qualification as a Medical Lab Technician, he/she can easily expect a starting salary anywhere between Rs 18000 – 22000. 
  • Opportunity to work AbroadA person, once trained as a MLT can easily find career opportunities abroad as well. The international medical industry also has a huge demand for paramedical personnels like Medical Lab Technicians. The upside is that abroad, the salary package is even better and the work environment can be considered better. 
  • You’re Doing GoodwillLastly, if you’re pursuing a career as a MLT, you are automatically doing a good deed for the society as you’re helping people to be happy. The diagnosis and treatments that MLTs assist in are often beneficial for the patient. So you feel good because what you are doing for the society is something that needs constant appreciation.

DPMI is one such institute which trains students in various Paramedical Programs, out of which MLT is one such program. DPMI has various branches all over the country.

So, if you’re considering a career option, do keep this in mind while deciding what you do with your life. You should eventually love what you do.

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